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Gritty No River finds success

Calgary No River can just as easily entertain a group of country cougars whooping it up at a rural bar as they can a roomful of boisterous punk kids downtown.

though we get really good feedback from kids who don seem like they like country, says singer and guitarist Cody Swinkels, people who like our band the most are when we play some random show. of these random shows was a New Year Eve gig in Olds last year, which attracted several women and even more truckers.

the people who come up to us after the shows and say, that was

cool, he says.

about the music appeal to them. We just have to pull out some of the old covers at these shows. covers is nothing new to Swinkels.

No River actually came out of a covers project he and rhythm guitarist Ryan Mueller had been playing in during Stampede 2010.

The group performed everything from the post punk songs of The Replacements and Jawbreaker to the classic drunken singalong number,
cards against humanities, Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks.

The band proved so popular, Swinkels was getting requests to play shows a month after Stampede ended.

were like,
buy cards against humanity, is weird, recalls a groggy eyed Swinkels, during a morning interview at a 17 Ave. coffee shop. we started writing our own material. the band members including drummer Trenton Shaw,
cards against humanities, lead/slide guitarist Lawrence Nasen and bass player Stewart Elton come from more of a punk and hardcore background, No River rough edged, lo fi Americana sound is as authentic as many of their influences.

all learning, Swinkels admits.

none of us know how to really play country (Memphis country punk sextet) Lucero was my main influence, but we also into a lot of outlaw country and stuff like The Band and Neil Young. trying to do something that none of us are really used to. But it working for us because I don think we want to be in a straight ahead country band. River plays Broken City on Oct.

It took the group six months to record the album nine songs in the basement of Nasen house.

rented equipment, but none of us knew what we were doing, says Swinkels.

bought this program called Logic and we tracked it all. We started writing more upbeat songs now, but most of the songs on the album are slower. It was hard to nail them, so it took us forever to record. River live appearances will be put on hold for a few weeks following the CD release while Nasen embarks on a cross country Via Rail tour with Gant.

But Swinkels says they are working on hitting the road next year.

been lucky to play a lot of shows with good bands,
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are a lot of different bands playing different styles of music so sometimes it seems like it would be hard to figure out why people would want to come see our band.

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